• Joint Powers/Inter-governmental Agency

  • Members are water agencies within the Klamath Reclamation Project

  • Provides programs to align water supply and demand generally within the Project

  • Identifies areas for efficient use of energy

  • Exercises authority of a PUD

  • Obtain and provide transmission and delivery of Federal preference power for eligible On-Project and Off-Project Power Users



FY14 Audit Services RFP

Current Projects/Programs: 

On Project Plan

Water User Mitigation Program (WUMP) 

2014 WUMP Policy

2014 Domestic Well Program




On Project Plan:

  Learn more about the development of the On-Project Plan.  Click and watch one of the VIDEOS below:

OPP Community Meeting Phase 1

OPP Community Meeting Q&A/Phase 1

OPP Community Meeting 3-13-13 

OPP Public Meeting 1-29-14 



KBPA Affordable Power Program

Upcoming Events: 

    Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, May 6th at 12:30pm. 735 Commercial St, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. The public is welcome to attend.  


 KWAPA News:  







The 2014 "DRY" option has been extended!  

  • If you have already submitted an application and had an eligible bid, you may now add acreage to that bid. (Requires new application and map for new acreage.)Application
  • We are accepting previously submitted bids up through $450.00.
  • If the bid that was previously submitted was over $450.00, it will be accepted it at $450.00.
  • Deadline is Friday, April 25th.
  • We are not accepting new bids.
  • You must contact our office to initiate a contract.

The 2014 WUMP "WET" option has changed!

  • All "wet" offers have been declined.
  • Contracts will be offered to produce groundwater at the cost of power plus $20.00 per acre foot.
  • Well owner must demonstrate the legal authority to produce the groundwater.
  • The program applies to Klamath Project land normally irrigated from Upper Klamath Lake/Klamath River.
  • Applications must be submitted to the KWAPA office in person by Wednesday, April 2nd.
  • Other conditions also apply.
  • Policy will be posted soon.

2014 Groundwater Application

2014 Groundwater Policy



2013 WUMP Program Totals

Groundwater: 64,622.52 AF produced

Demand Management: 7341.23 Total Acres

KWAPA would like to thank everyone for their efforts in helping to bridge supply and demand in 2013, a year that could have looked much different without it.  Thanks to the individual irrigators who did everything they could to conserve, to Klamath Water Users Association for their work in securing a new Biological Opinion that provides a known amount of surface water earlier in the season, to Oregon and California Dept. of Water Resources for their flexibility with our groundwater pumping program, and to the Bureau of Reclamation for working so closely with KWAPA all year long and providing funding for the WUMP programs. There are many others that helped to align supply and demand as well.   KWAPA Board and Staff are grateful to you all.